About Us

Our factory, which was established in Adana Organized Industry in order to create an integrated production facility by transforming the packaging paper it produces into the final product, was established with a production capacity of 100.000 tons / year and continues its production activities with new targets every year.

With the slogan of "Quality production" to maximize customer satisfaction, we deliver to our customers in the fastest way possible by using high-strength papers with our latest technology 6 color machines.

We have shown that with years of trust and our competitive structure, high-quality can be achieved in the flat corrugated cardboard sector as well. We have become a trusted, preferred, leading organization and brand in every field.

All tests and analyzes are carried out under appropriate conditions by our Quality and R&D production units within our factory. All controls from raw material entry to production and post-production analysis are stored as quality records as required by the relevant quality management systems and this analysis data is shared with our customers upon request.

The products we produce according to the product specifications requested by our customers with their written orders are separated according to the usage areas of our customers and delivered in the fastest possible way.